A Prayer – from Rev. Welch


Dear Friends and Members of the United Church of Norman-UCC

Hate, fear and violence have been on full display this weekend. And while eyes have been turned on Charlottesville, some of the same attitudes are resident in communities across Kansas, Oklahoma and throughout the country. While most who harbor deep-seated racist attitudes would never call themselves racist or white supremacists, the feelings of racial and religious superiority thrive. We all know that what we are witnessing in Charlottesville is not about a statue, it is about the painful and continuing legacy of racial hatred, attitudes of racial superiority, intolerance and bigotry. In a few weeks, the events of this weekend will be overshadowed by other news but we can’t unsee the anger and the waving of Nazi flags, we can’t unhear the racist chants. Neither should we, as failure to see and refusal to hear, allows the hate to grow, to fester and to continue to be passed from generation to generation. What we saw this weekend must be called out, there can be no excuses or justification, no tolerance for hatred and bigotry in our communities and in our country. I invite you to join me in prayer as we recommit ourselves to the hard work justice and love.


Grace and peace to you.

Edith Guffey, Kansas Oklahoma Conference Minister of the United Church of Christ




Adult Education and Future Meetings

August 20th Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m
Communion will be served this Sunday as we try various changes to the order of worship. The worship committee invites your input on these changes.

August 20th, August 27th Sunday Adult Ed 9:45 a.m
Chris Carter will be leading a discussion on the PBS series on the historical Jesus, called from Christ to Jesus.



Book Club August 28th

We’re discussing a new book A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman at Nancy Logan’s home 3200 Summit Bend at 7pm.



Food and Shelter Needs

Resident and Shelter Needs include soap, cleaning supplies, furniture, diapers. Kitchen Needs are dry sealed foods. Care Packets for the homeless include deodorant, self care products, snack foods