April 11, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

First Congregational Church of Norman, UCC

Meeting of Board

April 11, 2019


The Board held a telephone conference call at 7:00 pm.

Members in attendance: Steve Davis, President; David Wheeler, Pastor; Anne Masters, Co-Secretary, Mary Carter, Treasurer; Louise Whitaker, Co-Secretary.

  1. Finance Report

Mary Carter gave the financial report

October 2018 – March 2019

Income                $28,432

Expenses             $27,411

$  1,021

No funds are being drawn from the savings account. In the past, approximately $1,100 was transferred every month. We are currently collecting about $1,000 more than budgeted.

Benevolence Fund:

The monies in the Benevolence Fund collected for Esther Cletus have been expended.

There are issues to decide for the Benevolence Funds, going forward. In the past members have spent personal funds, which is appreciated, but we want to avoid this as the only alternative to providing emergency assistance.

How to fund:

Collect a special offering each month as Communion is taken

Donations can always be given with the fund


$40 maximum at a time

90 days between disbursements

Who will make the decision to provide assistance:



Any member

The Social Action Committee, who originally proposed the fund, will be asked to develop guidelines. Louise Whitaker will report to the Board after the committee meeting on April 19.

  1. Committee Reports


Steve Davis gave the report

  • The funds allocated to Outreach, plus an additional $1,000, have been spent: $2,000 for the Easter mailing; $200 Facebook ads.
  • Visitors: There was discussion about establishing a more formal process for contacting visitors, rather than making David solely responsible.
  • Breeze: Invitations and instructions have been sent to all Members and Active Attendees. A reminder will be sent the week of April 15 to encourage everyone to set up their account. We will also make an announcement about providing help with setting up accounts.
  • Norman Pride: Events this year are May 4-5. The Festival is May 4, on Campus Corner. FCC will have a booth at the Festival, on Asp. Dana Cantwell is working on a handout. David has offered his tent to provide shelter during the shelter. The hours are 10am to 10pm, but we will probably leave earlier than that. The Parade in May 5, and follows the same route at the Mardi Gras parade around the Depot. We have t-shirts from last year that we can sell to our members.

Social Action:

Louise Whitaker gave the report

  • The first Conversation Sunday on March 31 was well received. The committee is considering working with Mom’s Against Gun Violence for the June session.
  • We will work with David to provide space on the tear off section of the bulletin for social action topic suggestions from the congregation


Mary Carter gave the report

  • The Committee is looking for suggestions for programs during the summer. If we have outside presenters, they must understand that there will be no reimbursement for their time. Possible suggestions are movies and potlucks.
  • Eddie Rothermel has been adding the Sunday education sessions on Breeze, and has been taking attendance, for our records.
  • Easter:
  • Easter egg hunt: 3:30
  • Worship service: 4:00
  • Reception: 5:00ish (Mary will have a sign-up sheet Sunday so people can volunteer to bring snacks.
  1. Website

Mary Carter gave the report

Mary has worked with Dreamhost so we only have one web hosting company. https://normanucc.org is our official website.

David will make Caleb an administrator, so they can both work on the website.

We need to get events added to the calendar on the website.

Laura Logan (?) may be another person to help with the website. We need to find jobs for people so they can be more involved.

  1. Signage

Anne Masters gave the report

After unproductive talks with the City, and a large ordinance, Anne spoke with several people from the City, and their advice was just to put the sign up, and see what happens. University Christian Church has such a sign. Steve will develop cost information, and any other pertinent information before David and Steve meet with Memorial Presbyterian pastor. It was suggested that we meet with the pastor and ask for her support, before we take the proposal to their Board

Next meeting:

Monday May 6, 2019, 7:00 pm, via telephone conference call