January 5, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

First Congregational Church of Norman, UCC

Meeting of Board

January 5, 2020

In attendance:  David Wheeler, Steve Davis, Ruth Blake, Louise Whitaker

Ministries Candidates:

Interviews were conducted, individually, with Paul Martin and Jordan Zuck. After discussion the Board will recommend to the Kansas-Oklahoma Committee on Ministry  that both candidates move into the Member in Discernment (MID) process.

Financial Report:

Total Receipts                                                                                              $7,433.00

Less Special Offerings

Staff Gifts                                          $    890.00

Benevolence Offerings                  $    421.00

$1,300.00           $1,311.00

Available for Operations                                                            $6,122.00

(Total receipts less Special Offerings)

Average Monthly Disbursements                                             $5,318.00

Total Receipts over (under) Disbursements                 $    804.00

Balance of Benevolent Fund at the end of month            $    890.00


In the past we have reported disbursements using the average monthly disbursements based on the yearly budget. The monthly financial report moving forward, including December’s report, has been adjusted to use the cumulative average monthly disbursements which should better reflect our expected disbursements.

There continue to be requests for the ability to contribute financially on-line. We have a Pay-Pal account, but the administrator is not an active member, so that presents problems. David mentioned that Breeze offers an on-line giving options, including credit and debit cards and from the bank account. This will be beneficial for our members, and the church. Louise will contact Breeze and get more information.

Adult Education:

Going forward we will have two adult education classes. They will begin on February 9, 2020. Delaying the start because of the pot luck and Super Bowl Sunday will allow the classes to begin without interruptions. We will encourage members to sign-up for a class. We also need to stress that members are free to move from class to class if they are interested in certain topics being discussed. The goal is to provide educational offerings that will interest and benefit our members. The class leaders fully endorse this, and will encourage movement between the classes.

Planned Outreach/Sermon Series:

As David mentioned in worship, the mailer has been scheduled, and the new sermon series will begin January 9th. Everyone is encouraged to invite friends, relatives, acquaintances and neighbors. (FRAN)

Holocaust Remembrance Sunday:

David is in contact with the Hillel Foundation for assistance/input on the worship service. Brisket has been paid for and David will prepare it. We will have a potluck on this evening and ask others to provide sides and other food for the evening.

Security in the church/sanctuary:

Unfortunately, this is a topic that is in the news more frequently. David will talk to Memorial Presbyterian to see if they have a security plan in place that we could implement. It was also suggested that all the door be locked when worship starts. While it would keep out anyone wanting to do harm, it would also keep out anyone arriving late. This issue will be require further discussion and research.

Music during worship:

There was discussion regarding:

  • Use of the Presbyterian hymnals vs. our UCC hymnals. Our main problem is that we don’t have enough UCC hymnals for the size of the congregation. Many of the songs in the UCC hymnal are also found in the Presbyterian as well.
  • Number of hymns
  • Choir
  • Soloists
  • Instrumentalists

David is working with Vickie Schaeffer on ways to provide more alternatives in our music program.


Based on comments provided in the survey of members, David was provided with a very favorable written evaluation. The Board expressed their appreciation for all his hard work, dedication and care of our church family.