Fun Summertime Classes at FCC/UCC

July 14

Liven up your cooking. Learn more about the 4 essentials to flavor, and also how to have fresh yeast bread in only 5 minutes a day.

Louise Whitaker


July 21

Movement for longevity. Sitting is the new smoking. Learn tips on how to move to be healthier.

Sally Church


July 28

Learn how to knit. Join Caleb Fulton for knitting basics.


August 4

Be an abstract artist. Create your own abstract masterpiece using crayons and hair dryers. Great fun for artists of any age.

Susan Sparks


August 11

The good, the bad and the unknown. Learn tips and techniques to begin your search of your family history.

Louise Whitaker


August 18



August 25

Be a Master Griller. Grilling can be challenging. Get tips from a pro and become your own backyard chef.

David Wheeler