July 20, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

First Congregational Church of Norman, UCC

Meeting of Board

July 20, 2019


David Wheeler, Steve Davis, Mary Carter, Louise Whitaker, Caleb Fulton


Total contributions, including special contributions                               42,929

Expenses                                                                                                          (41,220)

Overage                                                                                                                 1,709

Mary also presented a chart of contributions (by amount only). This information will be helpful if we pursue a financial campaign, as we look at the trends in giving. If we want to increase the budget, a financial campaign soliciting pledges is necessary.

Another factor in increasing giving, is increasing membership. September and January are the most important months to send mailings. Since we are not a 501C3 organization, we have to pay the standard postage rate. 5,000 pieces would cost around $2,200 and 7,500 pieces would cost $3,300. Since there is currently no money in the budget to cover these costs, David would like to ask for special contributions to cover the cost so a targeted mailing could be done in September.

Social Justice:

There was discussion of not having worship service on the fifth Sunday, and only having Conversation Sunday. After discussion it was decided to have a worship service, and extend the ending time for the Conversation Sunday to 6:45. The next Conversation Sunday will be September 29. The committee is working with possible presenters on the topic of preventing gun violence.


Outreach Committee has not met recently. Steve will schedule a meeting in August.

Education Committee:

In addition to the video series on the Old Testament, led by Chris and Mary Carter, a second class will begin, perhaps September 15, led by Jordan Zuck and Ronda Brannum.

Vacation Bible School:

Most of the children attending are from Memorial Presbyterian, but we have several volunteers from FCC. This just highlights the need to attract families with young children so we can be more multi-generational.

Another idea for attracting younger attendees, is to have paid singers (possibly 3 or 4). This would enhance the experience of choral music during the service; might encourage others to join the choir; and might attract younger people if the saw other young people active in the service. One of the paid singers could also serve as the song leader to lead the congregational singing. We might have members who would help financially to support this effort. The pay would be $50 per singer each week.

The Board of Trustees will investigate the process of applying for 501C3 status. The Conference has an attorney on retainer who could probably help with the process. David will contact Edith Guffey to investigate the process. Mary has all the necessary documentation.

David is planning a “Faithfully Resisting” special series in conjunction with I Love My Church Sunday. Steve will set up a meeting with the Outreach/Connecting Ministries to discuss how to implement. We will ask the congregation for names of people to invite, and have a “rally” to send emails and call.

Ted Uhling will be the guest minister on July 28. He has not cashed his check from the last time he filled the pulpit.

October 1 is the beginning of our fiscal year. As the budget is prepared, we need to consider funding that might need to be increased:

  • Facebook, Direct Mailing
  • Music/paid singers
  • Webpage
  • Salary changes for Minister, Music Director/Childcare provider
  • Compensation for guest ministers

We also need a slate of officers to present at the Annual Meeting. We will need a new Treasurer. The By-Laws stipulate that officers can serve 3 years, and then need to roll off the Board for at least 1 year.

Vision Sunday will be September 8. This would be a catered event (Church to provide the meal and put out a basket for cash contributions to help offset the cost). We need to do a really great job getting all members/constituents to attend, send out invitations, talk it up etc. At this meeting the Board with David’s help would outline our Vision for the coming year(s) and outline our budget for 2020. Hand our pie chart or other visuals to help people understand what it takes to operate our church. We would use this time to challenge people to make a “Vision” statement in the form of signing something that shows their intent for contributions for the coming year as we outline what it will take to take our church to the next level.

We will need to be organized, and have “Vision” cards ready for folks to take home and ask them to return on Sunday Sept 15th or 22nd . We will also need to figure out what kind of mailing we could do to those that don’t attend. We will work on this plan at the next Board Meeting (Aug. 18th) and will likely need at least one additional meeting to iron out details. We intend for the Outreach/Connecting ministries to handle the meal/logistics part of the meeting. We deed a good solid theme.