May 7, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

First Congregational Church of Norman, UCC

Meeting of Board

May 7, 2019


The Board held a telephone conference call at 7:00 p.m.

In attendance: Steve Davis, President; David Wheeler, Pastor; Mary Carter, Treasurer, Anne Masters, Co-Secretary; Louise Whitaker, Co-Secretary


  • Paying substitutes:
  • Substitutes for Vicki Schaeffer, David Wheeler and Jenna Mamone are paid through payroll.
  • Guest ministers are paid $100.00.
  • Guest musicians are paid $150. They are paid in lieu of Vicki Schaeffer receiving a salary.
  • $400.00 was budgeted for guest ministers. We need to look at the pay for guest ministers before the next budget is finalized.
  • Childcare is budgeted at $30.00 a week ($10.00 an hour).


  • Giving for October 2017 through April 2018 was $25,737.00.
  • The $33,935.00 income on the financial report includes $2,200.00 for Outreach which we did not have last year.
  • There is some increase in personal giving.
  • Our benefactor from last year continues to give extra. Is there some way to thank this person, while respecting their anonymity?
  • We need to send an email to the congregation showing the increase in giving.
  • Sending statements every six months might also help people understand their giving patterns. Mary will investigate to see if that is possible with our software.


  • Website: We need to encourage everyone to provide ideas for the website. As Board members we also need to look at the site and make suggestions so it is as inviting, informative and as up-to-date as possible. Nicki Flambures has volunteered to help update the content.
  • Vacation Bible School: We need to concentrate on attracting younger families. VBS might be a way to do this. Ronda Ramos has agreed to lead VBS, and David has some progressive curriculum. This might also be a way to partner with Memorial Presbyterian. David will contact Tracy Evans for a contact person at Memorial Presbyterian.
  • Targeted advertising: We can send postcards to newcomers within 6-8 weeks of moving in, at a cost of 70 cents per postcard. David will investigate to see if we can determine how many people are moving into a specified area, or if there are “progressive” neighborhoods in Norman.
  • Committees: There are areas of crossover between some committees so we need to better define the roles of our committees.
  • June 2 is Anne Master’s last Sunday. A reception will follow the service.

Social Action:

Benevolent Fund: Social Action Committee will oversee the benevolent fund. $101.00 was collected this past Sunday for the fund. It was suggested that gift cards, $20 or $40 each, be purchased from Homeland so gas, food or personal items could be purchased. They could be kept at the church office. Any committee member, Mary Carter or David Wheeler could make arrangements to give out the cards after the approval by the committee. (We probably need to ask for more keys if we decide to do this.)


  • June 2nd will conclude the current 12-week study by Chris and Mary Carter on the Old Testament. The second 12-week study will run from the second Sunday in September through December. Mary will send David information for the announcements.
  • There is nothing scheduled for July and August. David has curriculum if anyone is interested in presenting.