October 7, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

First Congregational Church of Norman, UCC

Meeting of Board

October 7, 2019


In attendance: David Wheeler, Steve Davis, Mary Carter, Louise Whitaker


  • The year end budget was reviewed.

Total income      $ 55,000

Total expenses  $ 57,300

Shortfall              $ (2,300)

Total Equity        $ 23,890

  • The proposed budget for 2019-2020 was discussed

Pledges received                             $46,020

Other anticipated income               $11,300

10% anticipated unpledged               $  5,732

Total estimate                                 $63,052

Based on increased income in the past 2 years, it is not unreasonable to expect a 15% increase over last year. ($8,250). This would give a possible income of $71,302, which would allow for a budget consistent with Scenario 1, discussed at Vision 2020 meeting. This budget will be presented at the annual meeting.

It was also suggested that the Annual Conference should be a line item in the budget.

The budget will be retroactive to October 1, 2019. Mary will adjust staff salaries already paid.

Committee Reports:

  • Social Justice:

Supplies were delivered to Dimensions North in two separate trips. They were overwhelmed by the generosity of the congregation.

Conversation Sunday in September (Preventing Gun Violence) went well. Setting up the tables in a horseshoe shape was more conducive to conversation and seeing the presenters.

  • Outreach/Connecting:

One focus of the committee will be making connections with visitors so we retain them. David makes the first contact with all visitors. Steve will schedule a meeting soon to discuss this further.

  • Education:

Chris and Mary Carter will end the Old Testament study at the end of the year.

Louise will work on ideas for a second class to begin in January.

Review of Constitution and By Laws:

  • While it was agreed at the November 28, 2018 Annual Meeting to change the term of officers to three years, the change was not reflected in both sections of the By Laws. This will be corrected.
  • Other proposed changes:
    1. Add Social Justice and Outreach/Connecting committees to Article V – Committees.
    2. Change the wording to indicate that the Board is the Finance Committee
    3. Change Article II, Section 3, to indicate the officers can serve 1 three-year term, then must roll off the board at least one year.
    4. Also, in Article II, Section 7, take out the bonding requirement for the treasurer and also take out the wording about the secretary being an ex officio member of the Finance Committee. (See 2 above)

Proposed change in Sunday School and worship:

Because of staff scheduling issues, this issue has been tabled.

Social Justice Award:

The Board will proceed with beginning an annual social justice award. Louise will price award options, and David will work on a proclamation.

Signage and keys:

David will visit with Tracy Evans about getting more keys, and also discuss having the sign installed in a more permanent manner.