On the Incarnation – from Rev. Welch


Dear Friends and Members of the United Church of Norman-UCC


It was a long time before I could recognize you in so many things. I thought you were too august, too aloof, to really walk in our crowded and noisy streets. It used to be hard to believe that you had even once really became incarnate in our human flesh and blood.

But we have come to believe it now and much more besides. You are incarnate in many more individuals, and you have lived to old age among us and have appeared in the form of woman as well as child and man. You are master and servant both, black and brown, and yellow and red, as well as white. In thousands and thousands, in millions of millions of human beings you have come. And you are still re-embodying yourself in these tenements of clay, age after age world without end.

You are the light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. You have not left yourself without witness among any people. Not only is our conscience proof of your presence, but all of our hopes and fears, our dreams and ambitions, our striving and our discouragement, are incarnations of the divine.

Therefore you do not appear in miracles, but in the normal and common events of the day. Your best representatives are no longer magicians and wizards, but scientists, though they know it not, and inventors and experts. Poets and reporters, artists and actors, plumbers and engineers, aviators and farmers, politicians and bellboys are your messengers and workmen. We have seen you break the bonds which held you to favored classes and beheld you come into the multitudes of common men.

And the greatest marvel of all is that men who believe this most profoundly are the most loyal to you and your kingdom of love. They are willing to take up the hardest tasks quietly and to labor for better knowledge, for more justice, for world peace, and for any interest which promises improvement and enlargement of our lives.

They are sane, undramatic persons whose appearance is so simple and natural that they do not strike the imagination until the full meaning of their work is understood. These you have been pleased to make your saints and apostles of our lives.-

Edward Scribner Ames, a Letter to God (1933)

For Christmas Eve will have a hymn sing, where folks can choose the Christmas hymns. This will be held on the 24th at noon. On Christmas Day we will cancel adult ed but gather for our 11 a.m worship to celebrate the arrival of Christmas.


Rev. Dwight Welch



Conversation Sunday:

2017 and the Progressive Church


Rev. Jim Burns

January 1, 2017 is Conversation Sunday. Rev. Jim Burns, retired minister of Memorial Presbyterian will share his thoughts on 2017, what the world and our nation is at in the coming year and what the progressive church can do to respond faithfully. Join at at 9:45 a.m for a potluck and lots of discussion!

December 25 2016 we will collect for OUR CHURCH’S WIDER MISSION and the CHRISTMAS FUND. Please indicate in the memo line of your check the fund to which you wish to contribute.

Our Church’s Wider Mission is the basic support for the UCC. It permits the church to provide for operating expenses, to equip leaders, support clergy in ministry, foster healthy and vital congregations, advocate and witness for justice, respond to disasters and tragedies, send help around the world, and preach a welcoming and open understanding of Christian faith.

The Christmas Fund provides direct financial assistance to retired and active United Church of Christ authorized ministers and lay employees and their surviving spouses, including pension and health premium supplementation, emergency assistance, and Christmas thank-you checks.



Book Club January 16th


We’re finish the 9th chapter of the Last Puritan and begin discussing Listen Liberal at Nancy Logan’s home 3200 Summit Bend at 7pm.



Food and Shelter Needs


Resident and Shelter Needs include soap, cleaning supplies, furniture, diapers. Kitchen Needs are dry sealed foods. Care Packets for the homeless include deodorant, self care products, snack foods



A New Recycling Box


Given the number of paper products we use for our morning gatherings and conversation box the Social Justice committee has set up a recycling box to discard those items. Look for it on Sundays!